Providing Value

As a business owner, you likely have just two jobs: tasks only you CAN do, and tasks only you WILL do.

"You likely have just two jobs." My father taught me that when I was 14 years old, along with all the good and not-so-good things about owning and managing his small business. Those two jobs consumed all of his time. For the past 25 years of my career in corporate software and technology, I have wondered how much bigger that small business could have been with the right amount of marketing and today's technology.

So Many "Experts" - So Little Experience

Throw a stapler from where you are right now and I bet you will hit at least three "small business consultants" who can "optimize your website and social media into a sales funnel." After you apologize for the stapler, ask them WHO your customers are and WHY they buy from you. (Hint: they don't know how to answer that.)

Customer Focus

Knowing your customers and regularly engaging with them is an art-form. Developing a strategy for identifying your audience, and providing top-notch online experiences takes decades of practice. Make sure to measure your return on investment correctly, or your website is just an expensive brochure. Learn to automate your social media feeds in a way that cultivates and motivates your customers while improving your reputation.

Smart Use of Technology

Product Photography, Headshot Portrait Photos, Copywriting, Website Development, Social Media Management, Technical Writing, Video Production, and Podcasting services? I can do that. Allthewhile, showing you why the technology we chose is the perfect fit for engaging your clients in an authentic manner.

Let's talk about WHY we should use smart technology and WHO we are selling to online. That's where my 25 years of experience really shines. And besides, those other folks are too busy picking staples out of their skinny jeans.



Knowing your customers and regularly engaging with them has never been easier. Develop a strategy for identifying your audience, and providing top-notch online experiences. Measure your return on investment.


Social media makes word-of-mouth move at the speed-of-light. Automate your social media feeds in a way that cultivates and motivates your customers while improving your brand's reputation.


73% of marketers use Inbound Permission Marketing as their primary strategy, and rate it four times as effective as traditional ad campaigns. Circumvent algorithm changes. Use smart technology to build your community your way.

A La Carte Services

Need a quick turn-around on a project?

Website Audit

As the online face of your business, your website makes a first impression. Our 24-point review of design appearance, customer engagement, functional performance, and critical search engine rankings will tell you if it’s the right impression. You can probably even talk us into doing this for free.

Product Photography

Professionally produced commercial photos accurately and attractively represent your brand. In today's world of phone-camera snaps, we make your products stand out with proper lighting, depth of field and high-definition post-production. Your customers know the difference.

Headshot Portrait Photos

Not just for actors, anyone serious about social media and online accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Etsy,, eHarmony, LinkedIn) deserves a headshot photo that truly represents who you are.


Copywriting is the art and science of using words to motivate people to take action. We are your salesperson in text, focusing on persuasive writing based on research, psychology and an understanding of your ideal customers. Whether it is e-books, sales scripts, brochures, traditional advertising, or e-commerce product descriptions, all successful projects begin and end with expert copywriting. Let us put a pencil to it.

Website Development

Did your web developer disappear? Not quickly returning calls? Charging you to make basic content edits? We have been developing, supporting and rescuing websites since 1994. If you want clean design, increased customer engagement and quick response from your online sales machine, let’s make a plan together.

Technical Writing

We don’t mean to brag, but our founder was part of a technical documentation team that The Gartner Group called “possibly the best in the world.” Whether white paper, user guides, or auditable processes, we’ve got you covered. Take our words for it.

Video Production

Video connects your business to your customers like no other media. YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine and has more than 1 Billion unique viewers every month. Put your products and services in front of your ideal customers in an interactive, professional way. Explain your unique business value in person, from anywhere.


Podcasts are an authentic way to connect with your audience and develop trust. And sharing your knowledge and expertise is a key factor to a successful Inbound Marketing strategy. If you are a consultant, practitioner or service-provider, podcasting develops your ethos as an expert in your field. We show you how to get started. After that, you send us an audio file and we take care of the editing, post-production, advertising and posting.


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